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Project Hometown: Established to assure Shasta County’s businesses thrive in the E-commerce Economy.

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Tony Giovaniello

Tony Giovaniello

President, Shasta Economic Development Corporation

If all of our businesses do this, our community presence can be greatly amplified through digital marketing, creating a beacon of commerce in the global digital marketplace. Together, we are more powerful. Join the movement. Make Shasta County standout in the global marketplace. Let’s brand ourselves as the community that serves the our whole country and the rest if the world. We can create an Amazon-like presence for our community. Learn how to be a part of making us different, better, and more profitable as individual businesses, and as an amplified collaborative community, in this new and emerging world of opportunity. Let’s be the innovative community that gains our advantage in the market while other communities embrace the status quo. Let’s roll!

What is Project Hometown?

Project Hometown is a challenge to local businesses: To get the products or services of every business in our community online, being found the way customers want to shop.

The idea is to come together as a community, to shift the impact the Internet has on our community. Customers are going online at an incredible rate. We have never seen anything like this. The “find X near me” phenomenon, just for starters, is an unprecedented opportunity.

Project Hometown is a movement to face this challenge together, by putting our products and services online.

We are stronger as a community

Amazon, Google, and other big Internet sites are sucking the air out of our local community. It is true that no single local business can compete.

But what happens to their stranglehold on our businesses, when 8000 of us stand up and take our town back?

How do you take part?

  • Make the decision to put your services and products online in 2017.
  • Connect with Project Hometown community.
  • Pick the method that works best for you. Do it yourself, get training, or hire a Project Hometown community member.
  • You are going to have to re-think how you approach the Internet.

Don't give up

It has never been easier to put the Internet to work for you.

Stay connected with our community to get advice and support.

We can get this done. One business at a time.

Opening our tool box

Our goal is to eliminate every roadblock keeping our community’s businesses from being found by their customers online.

We will share the rules and tools used by Internet marketing companies.

Want to do it yourself? We will show you how. Need training? We will connect you to it. Want help? We will provide it.

We promise to stand with you and guide you toward selling products the way your customers want to buy.

Joe Mckenna, CEO, Cloud Wise Academy & Cloud Potential

The fight is at our door. Let’s stand together and fight together!